Corporate Law

Iza Legal Services assists foreign large companies and SMEs constitute new companies in Colombia, and helps those companies through any additional legal assistance the company requires;

Our corporate law services include:

Work Contracts: International companies often are surprised by the nuance in Colombia’s Employment Laws. In order to minimize risk, Iza Legal Services assists customers in drafting all types of contracts.
Employee Liquidations: Iza Legal Services helps customers with employee liquidations whether due to termination or to a change in contract.
Creation of Company: Iza Legal Services helps customers create a company in Colombia by filing all paper work with the chamber of commerce, DIAN and Bancolombia. Additionally, Iza Legal Services helps customers who are applying for a VISA TP7 – company visa.
Disolution – Liquidation of company: Our accountants will help customers complete the dissolution process for companies at the Chamber of Commerce and DIAN.
Chamber of commerce procedures: Iza Legal Services helps customers submit “actas”, requirements, modifications, and all other requirements before the Chamber of Commerce.
DIAN: Iza Legal Services represents its customers before the DIAN to resolve any tax inquiries, procedures, personal RUTs, Company RUTs, etc.
Corporative Legal assistance