Foreign Investment

Iza Legal Services helps its customers through the foreign investment process in Colombia. The process to transfer funds from abroad to Colombia and to register the investment in Central Bank can be daunting. Iza Legal Services ensures its customers file the required forms correctly and on time.

When do foreign investors need to register the transfer of funds in Colombia?

It is advisable to register all transfers of funds in Colombia, whether the transfer is large or small. In particular, it is critical that investors register the transfer in the following situations:

  • When purchasing a property
  • When investing in a company
  • When investing in Portfolio
  • When investing in future shares in a company
  • For any LLC investments

Iza Legal Services helps customers file the appropriate paper work with the Central Bank to help customers avoid any future penalties. Additionally, Iza Legal Services partners with Alianza Valores and Acciones y Valores to create investment accounts.