Iza Legal Services helps is customers obtain all types of Colombian visas, including visas for foreigners who want reside in Colombia permanently, or want to remain in Colombia for over 180 days. Iza Legal Services offers a personalized service that helps customers through the process of obtaining the “cedula de extranjería” Our services include:

  • Official translations
  • Apostilles
  • Legalization
  • Package to stamp Passport in Bogotá and avoid traveling
  • Legal assistance and guidance
  • Do you need a visa?

There are 16 types of visa in Colombia, the most common are:

RE – Residence Visa: Who wishes to enter Colombian territory and reside in it, and has plans to invest, it is require to register at Central Bank an amount of more than 650 current legal monthly minimum salaries. This visa lasts for 5 years
At 2017, the minimum salary is $737.717, meaning that the minimum investment has to be:

  • COP$479.516.050
  • USD$171,260 (exchange rate of COP$2.800)

Student Visa – TP3: For foreigners who wish to engage in an academic program, with or without a grant, in a certified educational/formation center.
Work Visa – TP4: For foreigners who wish to enter the Colombian territory because of a job opportunity or service contract with a person or company in Colombia.
TP7 Visa: The TP7 Visa has 6 independent divisions:

  • Pension Visa: For foreigners who receive a pension of at least 3 current legal monthly minimum salaries (CLMMS). As of 2017, 3 CLMMS amount to COP$2.213.200 – USD$791
  • Rent Visa: For foreigners that receive a rent from the government, bank or certified company of at least 15 CLMMS = COP$11.070.000 – USD$3.953
  • Partner or owner of a company in Colombia: For foreigners who own or/and are the legal representative or invest in shares in a company registered with the Chamber of Commerce of at least 100 CLMMS. As of 2017, 100 CLMMS amount to COP$74.000.000 – USD$26.400
  • Medical Visa: For foreigners who are receiving medical treatment or for a foreigner who is accompanying a foreigner getting medical treatment in Colombia.
  • Property owner Visa: For foreigners who registered at Central Bank the investment of a property for at least 350 CLMMS. As of 2017, 350 CLMMS amount to COP$258.201.000 – USD$92,215
  • Independent Worker Visa: For foreigners who work independently outside of Colombia, and want to live and work in Colombia. Such foreigners need to show a benefit to Colombians and certify earnings of at least 15 CLMMS. As of 2017, 15 CLMMS amount to COP$11.070.000 – USD$3.954

Marriage Visa – TP10: For foreigners who wish to enter Colombian territory as a spouse or permanent companion of a Colombian national.